Advertising Policies

Updated: January 2023

  1. All advertising orders are subject to the terms and conditions of the current rate card. Ablaze Magazine publishes in accordance to the State of Tennessee's fiscal policies and guidelines and is considered a not-for-profit magazine. Our rates reflect that status.
  2. The advertiser and/or agency assumes liability for all content of ads and inserts and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the publisher.
  3. All advertising is subject to acceptance by Ablaze Magazine, which reserves the right to reject copy at its sole discretion any time prior to publication. Ablaze Magazine reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone and design to comply with Ablaze Magazine’s standards.
  4. Ablaze Magazine assumes no financial responsibility for errors or omissions of ads. Make-good space will be offered only for the portion that is in error by the advertising director if the error is the fault of Ablaze Magazine. Ablaze Magazine will not be responsible for minor typographical errors.
  5. All advertising must be prepaid unless the advertiser has first established credit. Prepayment is required for all new, political, out-of-state and transient advertisers.
  6. Ablaze Magazine conforms to local, state and federal Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines and will not accept for publication advertising that discriminates on the basis of race, age, sex, disability, religion, national origin or sexual orientation, except in those instances in classified employment and housing advertising when gender is a bona fide occupational qualification or when gender preferences are stated in ads involving shared living facilities.
  7. Ablaze Magazine discourages use of advertising design resembling standard news and editorial matter and, when necessary to differentiate between the two, requires that a border be placed around an advertisement using a “news” font and that the words “Paid Advertisement” be clearly and conspicuously printed at the top. Political advertisements also require the name of the sponsor of the advertising.
  8. Ablaze Magazine will use the University logo and other trademarked symbols in advertisements only if a royalty agreement between the University and the advertiser exists.
  9. In the event of inclement weather, Ablaze Magazine will make every effort to publish and distribute in accordance with our publication schedule. Ablaze Magazine assumes no liability whatsoever for canceled/late publications or reduced distribution due to inclement weather.
  10. Ablaze Magazine has delegated responsibility for reviewing and making decisions regarding the acceptability of questionable advertising for publication in student-produced media to a committee of four students: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Student Advertising Manager and the Student Classified Advertising Manager. As part of the review process, the committee shall seek guidance and information from a variety of sources, including appropriate members of Ablaze Magazine’s professional staff, legal counsel, municipal, state and federal government agencies and consumer, business and industry trade groups.
  11. Advertisements canceled after the deadline will be assessed a 100% spacing fee; the advertiser will be responsible for any production charges incurred.
  12. Rates and deadlines are subject to adjustments without individual notice.
  13. In an effort to be environmentally conscious, tearsheets, invoices and statements can be sent via email. Please supply a correct address for receipt of these documents.