About Us


Our Mission Statement reads as follows:

Ablaze Magazine is a student-powered magazine publication that covers women’s topics and feminist issues. We are based on the campus of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Our ultimate goal is to empower women on campus and those within the community who share our ideals and values. This magazine is a voice for all and we want to spotlight innovators and spark conversation. Our contributing team is made up of a diverse group of students who have a variety of interests, come from an array of backgrounds, and have infinite ambition.

We are always looking for new writers, photographers, artists, and contributors to join our team. Feel free to send any questions to ablaze@utk.edu. Interested?

The History of Ablaze

Written by Sydney BurzynskiFounding Editor-in-Chief (2022)

Ablaze Magazine, a publication that despite its young age, has a rich history.

Honey Magazine
The Birth of Honey

This magazine was started at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2019 after the need for an outlet of this nature arose. Despite sister publications such as The Daily Beacon or The Phoenix existing as current student media organizations, one specific niche was not met. Several students wanted a publication led by a female voice that covers predominantly female issues and examines current issues under the female gaze. With these ideas serving as the basis, Emma Hudson, the original founder began crafting a business plan. From there, Honey Magazine was born.

Honey Magazine Logo

The feminist magazine known as Honey Magazine ran in circulation from 2019 to 2022. From that time, the magazine produced digital and print content for their readers and subscribers. The first and only print publication, titled Awaken, was released in Fall 2021. It featured stories ranging in categories from fashion to lifestyle to investigative articles. Some of the most popular articles were “Beauty for All: Fenty Beauty and the Move Toward Inclusivity” and “A Reflection on Women’s Safety on Campus”. 

Sample Honey Photography 3
Cover Photo Fall 2021 Print Issue
Sample Photography Honey 1
The Rebrand

The decision to rebrand the magazine came at a time when there was a transition of power both internally and externally in the organization. The Office of Student Media moved back to the College of Communications and Information, but this time under the jurisdiction of the School of Journalism. Concurrently, the preceding editor-in-chief resigned from her role, while a majority of former editors graduated. As a result, it was an opportune time to reinvigorate the structure of the magazine and its corresponding brand.

Given how beloved Honey Magazine was in the Knoxville community, the basis of the new magazine was derived from Honey but with a twist. Keeping the premise of creating a publication led by females for the female voice, the new magazine is presented in a more professional manner. Internally, the magazine is run similarly to how an official magazine within the industry is done. While externally, the content produced is akin to stories and coverage that one would find inside a news and general interest magazine while staying true to our roots as a women’s journal. Ablaze is to be thought of as Honey’s older sister – more experienced and more knowledgeable. With the general direction figured out, it was time to determine each individual component that makes a brand identifiable and determine the personality of the magazine. Thus commencing the rebrand campaign.