Bewitched: A Portal to Another Realm 

Photos taken by Bailey Beller

The transformative jazz album created by Laufey 

Jazz has been a pillar of music for years. The genre has been a staple throughout the past century, producing many icons that have lasted into modern days. That being said, it’s not often you hear jazz music coming from the radio when you hop in the car. However, Icelandic-chinese singer Laufey has challenged this. With her sophomore album, Bewitched, Laufey transports listeners to a different time with her whimsical vocals and background instrumentals. 

Upon my first listen of Bewitched, I was shocked. I knew who Laufey was before, but I had never listened to any of her music. I can now say I’ve listened to her entire discography and am happily obsessed. 

The album starts with a track named “Dreamer.” The song opens with a deep voice, very reminiscent of something you might hear from Frank Sinatra or another artist of that time. The style makes you feel like you're sitting in a speakeasy years ago. 

UT student, and avid Laufey fan, Lily Rutherford loved the album. 

“I love how cohesive and dreamy this album feels… I’m transported into a comforting Autumn-vibed world.,” Rutherford said.

Something I love about Laufey, and this album in particular, is that while the style would make you think it's from the 1920’s, the words remain relatable for anyone listening in the modern day. 

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“The way she incorporates jazz into more pop songs makes it easier for new fans… I think her relatability to other young women also makes it stand out,” Rutherford said. 

The track “Letter to My 13 Year Old Self” is one of the best off of the album. A very vulnerable and open piece, the song sees the singer trying to comfort her thirteen year old self and tell her that everything ends up ok in the end. 

This track also discusses how she was seen as a young girl, loud and annoying. What’s beautiful about this is that Laufey is going back and telling her younger self that this is not true, and she’ll grow up to be strong and beautiful. 

My personal favorite track off the album comes at the end with the title track. Upon first listening to the song “Bewitched,” I felt as if I was in a fantasy world. The background instrumentals truly create a beautiful atmosphere to get lost in. The song itself is gorgeous, depicting the feelings of first falling in love and being “bewitched” by someone. Laufey remains vulnerable, and creates a very transparent song about the fear and uncertainty that go along with new love. 

Music, to me, is such a wonderful and easy escape. It becomes a part of my identity, and I start to associate certain times of the year with specific types of music. Bewitched has definitely allowed me to transport myself to a beautiful fantasy, autumnal world if only for just a little bit. This album feels like getting the warmest hug from an older sister, and I could not recommend it more.