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Physical Health

How to Overcome Gym Anxiety

By Abigail Doehler | November 13, 2023

Photos taken by Joni Mitchell Advice to help you overcome feelings of intimidation and anxiousness …

A Guide to Finding Health Care in College

A Guide to Finding Health Care in College

By Mattie Chase | April 25, 2023

Photo Taken From Pexels How you can find a primary care and take advantage of …

Period UT: Spreading Awareness and Inspiring Change

By Anna Eason | April 18, 2023

Photo Taken From Pexels Period UT is a club on campus dedicated to eradicating poverty …

Mental Health

Self-Confidence in College

By Mattie Chase | December 4, 2022

Photos taken by Leigh Shields College is a huge milestone in life, where it seems …


Girls Eating Pizza

How to Become a Foodie

By Madison Jones | October 3, 2023

  Easy and affordable ways for students to find good eats It can be a …

meal prep

Meal Prepping: Should You Do It or Not?

By Christopher Pericolosi | April 18, 2023

The Ins & Outs of Meal Prepping One of the most significant changes in our …



The Relationship Report

By Alexius Brunson | May 9, 2023

University of Tennessee Knoxville: 228 years, single and ready to reveal how students feel about …

The Beauty of Sisterhood

By Ella Kelley | April 25, 2023

Photo taken from Pexels Sisterhood: it’s a relationship that only those who have grown up …