The Beauty of Sisterhood

Photo taken from Pexels

Sisterhood: it’s a relationship that only those who have grown up with a person as your biggest supporter, best friend and even your most relentless bully can fully understand.

When I was younger, my mom told me that my sisters were my first friends. It’s easy to assume she said this because they were the first kids I played with. However, with time I realized what she really meant.

Sisterhood endures all. A fight with a sister cuts deep, as no one knows your deepest insecurities like a sister. However, even the ability to fight so powerfully shows an understanding that other relationships do not have. Sharing nearly every experience together creates a bond unlike most.

Sisters can bounce back from nearly anything, even an argument that might end any other friendship. Sisterhood is like a string that tethers you to each other for life.

My sisters have been by my side for my entire life, and they will always be there regardless of the other relationships in my life.

A sister encourages you to be a better person and to reach your fullest potential.

A sister teases you relentlessly.

A sister laughs with you and cries with you in the same breath.

My sisters are my biggest tormentors and my biggest fans.

I’ve gotten into countless arguments with my sisters that usually end with laughter and a trip to get food together. I bicker with my sisters constantly, but I’ve never doubted that they will be there for me whenever I need them. We get on each other’s nerves every time we see each other, but I depend on them to keep me sane.

Sisters share everything with each other— rooms, secrets, clothes and experiences. They mold one another through shared space and shared interests. They inspire one another to be better, and they keep each other safe.

I have the privilege of having an older and a younger sister. I have an older sister to look to for guidance and advice, and a younger sister to pass it on to.

My older sister gave me a person to look up to through every moment of my life, a role model. My sister has already gone through almost everything that I’ve had to go through. As the oldest child, she had to do it on her own. I will be forever grateful that I have her to help me through what she went through by herself.

My younger sister gives me the chance to be a role model, and inspires me to do better. I feel so lucky to be that person for my younger sister. I am able to give her advice and help her through the things I have already experienced.

A love so deep, its end isn’t in sight. Sisterhood truly is a beautiful thing. My sisters remind me that I’m not in this world alone.

My mom’s words live in my head constantly: my sisters are my first friends. Regardless of the other relationships in my life, I will always have my first friends, my sisters.