girl staring in mirror in black and white

Beauty and Its Standards

By Lily Rutherford | May 8, 2023

Photos taken by Maddingly Cotton How beauty standards on UTK’s campus affect students. Beauty.  This …


Cute On a Budget 

By Alexius Brunson | October 5, 2023

Photos taken by Maywyn Haydamack A guide to sustainable clothes shopping when money is tight …

You're Basic- And That's Ok!

You’re Basic—And That’s Ok!

By Ella Kelley | December 4, 2022

Photos taken by Leigh Shields Deep down, everyone just wants to fit in. It’s a …


Dorm Decor

Starting the D2 Journey: Dorm Decorating 

By Alexius Brunson | May 9, 2023

Photo taken from Pexels Your starting point for making your dorm a home Moving away …