Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Class

Staying Safe: UTPD Women’s Safety Classes 

By Makenna Makenna | December 4, 2023

Photo taken from Pexels Find out what the UTPD is doing to support women’s safety …

College Women Talking

Men in the Classroom? Absolutely Not!

By Aurora Bryan | October 10, 2023

Photo taken from Pexels An overview of female-focused elective course options You know that wonderful …

Safety on Campus

By Alexius Brunson | April 25, 2023

Photo taken from Pexels Self-defense classes and pepper spray: learn about the ways you can …



Claim Your Vote

By Hannah Jansen | April 10, 2024

Photos courtesy of Pexels For many people, turning 18 means newfound freedoms, individuality and responsibilities. …

Become the Player

Become the Player, Not the Played

By Chloe Cross | April 1, 2024

Photos courtesy of Pexels In the age of dating apps, casual hookups and the dreaded …

Women's Suffrage Monument

A Complex Legacy: Etched in Bronze

By Madison Russell | May 9, 2023

Photos taken by Thomas Witcher Tennessee is uniquely steeped in history from the women’s suffrage …


Sexy Costumes for Women: A Halloween Tradition

By Ava Franzoy | December 1, 2022

Photos taken from Pexels Adults went crazy for Halloween in 1973 when the trend of …


The Borgen Project

Ending World Poverty One Email at a Time  

By Amelia Beuscher | February 21, 2024

Photo taken from The Borgen Project | Infographics by Amelia Beuscher The Borgen Project is …

What To Know About New COVID Strain Eris

By Catherine Espejo | November 8, 2023

Photo taken from Pexels Three years post-pandemic, the world has returned to normalcy until the …

Women’s War in Iran

By Ava Franzoy | December 4, 2022

Photo taken from Pexels  For many Muslim women wearing a Hijab is a form of …