Claim Your Vote


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For many people, turning 18 means newfound freedoms, individuality and responsibilities. Among these is the ability to vote. The whole registering to vote process may seem daunting, especially if your school or parents haven’t taught you anything about it. 

No matter the case, here's a tell all in voter registration, directly from the TN secretary of state website. 

Step one is eligibility. You must be a U.S citizen, 18 or older at the time of the next election and a resident of the state you are registering in. Lastly, some convicted felonies render an individual ineligible to vote– these terms can be found on this website

Step two is registration. The most convenient method is online registration, however this requires a TN driver's license or TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security ID. Alternatively, a voter registration application can be downloaded on the TN secretary of state website and mailed to the county elections commission. 

The form can also be acquired in person at County Election Commission Offices, County Clerk’s Offices, Public Libraries and Register of Deeds Offices. Both methods require the same information, however the online registration will obtain an electronic signature from the Department of Safety and Homeland Security. 

Step 3 is voting. After completing registration, the only next step is utilizing your enfranchisement and voting in elections, even the local ones. Make sure to have a valid Tennessee ID, and you're all set. 

If I’ve thoroughly convinced you that registering to vote is within your grasp, below is a link to the TN online registration and mail in form.

Online Registration: 

Mail in Form: