A Local Spotlight on Knoxville’s Honeybee Coffee & Brewery 


Photo courtesy of Pexels 

Do you find yourself being bored with the same study spots on campus? Sometimes a change of scenery is needed, and Honeybee Coffee in Knoxville is a great solution. With three locations in the area, there is likely a location nearby no matter where you live in Knoxville.

Supporting small businesses is important to support your local economy and have your money go toward people and families that live in your area. If you’re going to spend money, why not have it go toward supporting local businesses? 

Honeybee Coffee was founded in 2017 in West Knox by Norris Hill. 

“Coffee is the platform we use to care for others,” Hill said. 

This gives some insight into Honeybee Coffee’s mission. Since its opening, it has expanded to two other locations in Knoxville and another location in Sevierville. Honeybee Brewery also opened in 2017 after the West Knox location, which offers many different types of draft beers for those interested and of legal age.

Honeybee offers a variety of coffees, teas, and even beers through its breweries. This coffee shop also has many dairy alternatives like macadamia and oat milk, so those who prefer non-dairy options can also enjoy their coffee. Additionally, it offers different types of flavorings to add to your coffee for a customizable experience for an additional 50 cents.

Each location offers a different atmosphere and feel which all promote a positive environment and ambient workspace. Most locations use plants and fun light fixtures to create a homey atmosphere that is perfect for working or studying.

Additionally, the coffee and teas are known for being delicious and decently affordable. The prices are similar to that of a larger chain like Starbucks, but since it is a small business some would argue it’s more ethical to spend your money at Honeybee.

Two UT students Shelby Wright and Sophie Browning are regulars who love the environment of high-quality drinks in the shop. 

“I love how calm and imaginative Honeybee is, and it’s always a nice place to meet a friend. My go-to order is the honey lavender latte - it gives me the perfect pick-me-up,” Wright said.

“I love the industrial feel, especially with the large windows. The smokey mocha is my favorite,” Browning said.

Both students pointed out the pleasant ambiance and environment of Honeybee and had unique coffee orders that showcased the fun drinks Honeybee offers. Industrial fixtures, plants, and large windows add a distinct atmosphere to Honeybee. Many people choose to study at Honeybee, but even more often it is used as a place to meet with friends and socialize. 

Getting coffee is a great way to meet up with friends, and acquaintances, or even on a date. Honeybee offers a nice space to socialize without being overwhelmingly crowded.

For those living on campus, especially freshmen it can be good to get off campus for a little bit as it can feel like a bubble. Going to coffee shops to hang out or study can be a refreshing change of scenery if you’re overwhelmed with campus life. Honeybee Coffee’s different locations offer different environments and some variety to your everyday routine.

Honeybee Coffee is a good place to try out if you’re looking for unique coffee and a cool environment.