Local Spotlight: Fable Hollow Coffee & Bookshoppe

Knoxville’s portal to a fantasy world

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Knoxville’s portal to a fantasy world

Travelers from near and far are invited to forget the outside world among the coffee-scented shelves of Fable Hollow, located at 2910 Tazewell Pike.

When customers step into the shop, they are immediately greeted with shelves of books and greenery everywhere - from the walls to the tables. Hand written signs adorn the shelves and paper decorations hang from the ceiling. The scent of fresh brewed coffee is the cherry on top that ties it all together, creating a cozy haven away from the city. 

UT student and customer Jane Gould speaks on why it is one of her favorite spots. 

“It’s got a great atmosphere. Very quaint and relaxing. Very cute, too,” Gould said.

Fable Hollow specializes in fantasy books and themed items, hence the name and decorations, but it carries a wide variety of genres as well. Many different and unique books can be found on their shelves, from graphic novels to non fiction. If a customer can’t find what they want, they are encouraged to visit the store’s website, where they can order books from an even larger stock to be delivered or picked up in store. 

A feature that contributes to the cozy atmosphere is the in-store coffee shop. They serve a wide variety of teas and coffee. In addition to their regular menu, they also carry fantasy inspired drinks and seasonal specials. All have adorable names and unique flavors, like the Fable Hollow Special Woodland Spice, a caramel chai latte, or the limited addition spring special Pixie Dream, a lavender latte. 

In addition to the teas and coffees, they also carry other kinds of drinks, including hot chocolate, like their special Polish Hot Chocolate. They also make specialty sodas, like their Love Potion, a strawberry rose soda. There are also baked goods available for purchase to cure sweet tooths! 

“I love that the themed drinks go along with the fairytale aesthetic,” Gould said. 

Fable Hollow was opened just last year, in February of 2023, by Casey Jensen and Alyssa Stewert, who were inspired by their love of fantasy. 

“Alyssa and I are co-owners. We actually met through the adult writing group that Alyssa runs. We both had a love for books, creativity and whimsy. After 2020, so many of us were craving community and we decided we wanted to make a place where that could happen. We wanted a safe third space where friends could meet and share experiences over books and good drinks. It's been incredible seeing how well met we are in Fountain City and just how much people appreciate the space,” Jensen said. 

It’s not just locals who are in love with the store - many fans have expressed their support of the small business. Interestingly, Fable Hollow had several viral videos on social media in the past year, which has amassed hundreds of thousands of views, and has earned them the support of people from everywhere. 

For those looking to interact with the community, Fable Hollow also hosts many kinds of events. 

“We always have lots of stuff happening! In May, we have a big D&D Night where we have six parties playing a Fable Hollow inspired campaign. We also have book clubs, craft classes, author events and our summer reading program coming up! I post a lot on social media to keep people up to date so that's a great place to know what's going on and what's coming up,” Jensen said. 

If you’re looking for your next adventure or just a quiet retreat from your busy life, consider stopping by Fable Hollow for some everyday magic and sweet treats!