Local Female-Owned Boutique strives to support self-confidence

Pretty Pop Owner Cassie Migawa

Photo taken by Whitney Johnson | Model: Cassie Migawa

Cassie Migawa, creator and owner of Pretty Pop Boutique, shares how she runs her business and strives to help her customers feel confident in what they’re wearing.

Pretty Pop Boutique, located off of Kingston Pike, features the latest trends and encourages customers to feel their best. The store runs on the mission to provide its customers with items that spark confidence and unique style.  

Pretty Pop Boutique was created and is currently owned by a UT alum, Cassie Migawa. Migawa has always dreamed of starting her own boutique.

 “Since I was 12 years old, I watched my parents start and run a successful business! There were struggles and hardships of course, but because of their hard work, it brought happiness and rewards that were very inspiring to me… Having a business of my own that I make the decision for keeps me on my toes and I hope that it inspires others to turn their ideas into reality,” Migawa said. 

Pretty Pop Boutique was opened in 2018 as C&K Boutique, but Migawa saw the need for a rebrand. 

Pretty Pop comes from Migawa’s preference of the word pretty over terms like “cute” and “pop” adds a celebratory element. The name reflects the store’s values of helping women to feel their best and to have the confidence to stand out from the crowd. Finally, there is a personal element to the name as her parent’s business also had a two-word title and both words started with “p.”

When Migawa was creating her business, she began with a storage unit and online store. Along with the digital sales, she would host parties at family and friends’ houses to save up the money for a physical store. From there, she managed the licensing and necessary work to turn the building into her dream store.  

While running her business, Migawa has faced the difficulty of catering to ever-changing trends and consistently giving her customers what they want.

“Trends are always changing and emerging. It’s not just about what I offer in my shop but how it’s marketed,” Migawa said.

For other women and girls who hope to one day open a store of their own, Migawa believes it is important to keep going after your goal and believing in your vision.

“My one piece of advice for girls that are hesitant in making their dream a reality is you will learn a lot along the way. You may have some setbacks, small wins, even some big wins, but I firmly believe that if you put your heart and soul into something you believe in, you will see results! Staying consistent and confident in business is my best piece of advice,” Migawa said. 

At Pretty Pop Boutique, Migawa maintains the company’s core values to ensure customers are getting the best possible experience.

“At Pretty Pop quality, friendliness, fair pricing, community, hard work and respect are at the core of what we stand for. Pretty Pop is not just shopping, it is an experience,” Migawa said.

The values of Pretty Pop seem to have a positive influence on its customers. The store has a 4.6 star rating on Google Reviews. One reviewer talked about her positive experience at Pretty Pop when she was traveling through Knoxville from out of state.

“Could not have had a better experience while traveling and looking for a few fun items to go home with. I came home with a new wardrobe and such a wonderful experience being assisted by this young woman who owns this popular boutique. She exudes style, dignity and grace as does her boutique,” C.B. said in a Yelp Review.

The store offers unique items such as the aptly named “Winter Barbie Coat” and staples such as sweaters and game day gear. Migawa has found the importance of confidence in running a business, and she hopes to help her customers have self-confidence when shopping at Pretty Pop Boutique.

“We provide outfits that girls can wear confidently, specifically designed to boost self-confidence, and turn heads. I think when a girl is confident in what she is wearing, there is no stopping her sparkle,” Migawa said. 

While Migawa personally likes all of the items in store, the hot pink cowgirl boots are her current favorite. Pretty Pop Boutique is a store founded with confidence and continues to operate with the goal to support confidence.