UTK Alumni and Influencer Gabby DePietro Visits Campus to Inspire the Student Body

Gabby DePietro in front of CCI sign

Photos taken by Bailey Beller

A look into Depietro’s time at UT and being more than the “Gibby from iCarly” persona

Gabby DePietro, a UTK Alumni and widely known on social media as “Gibby From iCarly,” blessed us with her presence on campus once again to enlighten and inspire. DePietro graduated in May 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Retail and Consumer Science with a minor in Business Administration. 

Before our magazine rebranded as Ablaze, she was featured in a Honey magazine release to discuss body positivity and how her platform developed her personal and professional life. 

DePietro is passionate about making people laugh and sharing raw, non-sugar coated aspects of her life to remind us we are not alone. 

“One thing I always tell people, and I am very proud to say, is that I wish when I was younger I had someone like me to follow on social media,” DePietro said. 

Fortunately for us, Ablaze had the opportunity to visit with our UT star and ask questions we were eager to hear the answer to: 

How has your life changed since your feature in the Honey print magazine? 

Depietro: It’s changed quite a bit. I now have a manager, I’ve partnered with more brands, I’ve been able to meet other influencers and I’ve been able to travel without worrying about school. 

How are you adjusting to life post grad? Any advice to people graduating? 

DePietro: It’s been a little difficult. My job is not like a normal job and I’m isolated all day so I’m not able to talk to a lot of people. So I make it a goal to talk to at least 3 people every day. 

That would be my piece of advice for people graduating. Make sure you are getting out and making friends or meeting new people. Switch up your routine and start saying yes to things instead of no. 

Gabby DePietro stands at the podium

Do you prefer the relationship with your body image to be body positive or body neutral? 

DePietro: I try to be body positive and I am still working on my relationship with my body to this day. It’s never going to be a perfect relationship but I’ve started to have empathy for the side of me that looks into the mirror and doesn’t like what she sees. Because I know that side of me is struggling and it’ll get better.

How has the persona of “Gibby from iCarly” changed you as Gabby? 

DePietro: At this rate I feel like sometimes my name is not Gabby. Don’t get me wrong I love being called Gibby and I’ve had that nickname since I was in 8th grade… but sometimes I want people to know that the Gibby side of me is not a 24/7 thing. That doesn’t mean I’m putting up an act online or making up this whole other personality. What you get online is just a piece of my personality but I hope people know there is so much more to “Gibby.”

How did the University of Tennessee impact your professional/personal life?

DePietro: If I didn’t go to UT I don’t think I would be where I am today. I do think I would still be on TikTok and have a following but I just think it would be very different. At one point when I started getting a following I was told that I wouldn’t be successful or get a corporate job because of my TikTok. Then my adviser told me that what I was doing was changing so many people’s lives and I was helping so many women. 

What’s the most underrated spot in Knoxville? 

DePietro: Suttrees… idk if it’s underrated but they have the best ramen in Knoxville and I highly recommend everyone trying it.

Do you have a go-to dance mood to scare men off on a night out? 

DePietro: Typically all of my dance moves scare off the men but I love just break dancing and trying to challenge men to a dance off because I know they are going to lose. 

Is there anything from girlhood that you have held on to? Tangible or not? 

DePietro: This is a really good question. I would say my love for just making people laugh. When I was little I remember the feeling of just being silly and doing something weird that would make someone laugh and it just made my heart skip a beat. I will forever hold onto that feeling.

Gabby DePietro smiles for a photo

With this insight, DePietro leaves us with an important mantra to affirm daily. 

“Your opinion about yourself is the only opinion that matters,” DePietro said. 

Check her out on TikTok  @gibz_ or Instagram @GabbyDePietro to keep up with her growing community and be restored by her authentic, humorous perspective on life.