Doll-namics: Decoding your American Girl Doll Personality Part IV

Molly AGD

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Molly Mcintire

Circa: 1940s

Location: Illinois

Molly Mcintire is a patriotic girlie growing up during WWII alongside her large family. Her parents are preoccupied with the war effort–her father is a military doctor stationed in England and her mother is an aircraft factory employee for the a la Rosie the Riveter. So, Molly and her siblings are looked after by their neighbor. Mrs. Gilford is elderly and strict, a woman who is always ready to scold a child and zealously forces Molly to *gasp* eat turnips. 

The Mcintires live on war rations, supplemented by vegetables from their “Victory Garden,” (the bearer of the aforementioned *turnips*). They also experience regular “blackout” drills to prepare them for the possibility of German bombers attacking America. Molly greatly misses her father and wishes that she were older so she could join in the war effort herself. However, all of the siblings are stuck on the homefront, where they spend their free time going to the Cinema or pretending that they are on the front lines. 

As the war rages in Europe, the Mcintires decide to take in a girl from London, Emily, after it becomes too dangerous for her to remain in England. At first, Molly thinks the best way to connect with Emily is to play “bomb shelter” with her and her school friends. 

Unsurprisingly, Emily’s trauma from literally being in a war means she does not enjoy this game very much, but she patiently explains to Molly that she has seen many houses and families decimated by the blitz, and in fact, her own dog was killed by German bombers in an attack. Molly, to her credit, does make more of an effort to be sensitive towards Emily and instead the girls connect over the young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. Also- this part is important,  the girls get two dogs for Molly’s birthday, who they name Yank and Bennett and who become their best friends.

If Molly is your favorite, you enjoy seeing movies at the cinema with your friends and are quite the chatterbox. You definitely got into trouble in school for talking too much (self call-out) and had to complete some sort of ridiculous assignment for the indiscretion. Like Molly, you love dogs and begged your parents for one growing up, thinking up lists of names to use in the meantime. 

You certainly had a pen pal at some point of your life and loved to curate small “extras” like stickers or gifts to include in your letters. Planning surprises is something Molly greatly enjoys–though she finds it hard not to spill the beans before the execution. You certainly like planning surprises for your loved ones, whether that be through gifts or experiences, and you’re good at it. 

You were a total summer camp kid and didn’t mind sleeping on the ground- though you would count mosquitos as a mortal enemy. You’re the type to make friends with your teachers not in a “teacher’s pet” sort of way but in a “kid-who-leans-on-the-teacher-for-stability-and-eats-lunch-in-the-english-room” type of way.